Frequently asked questions

Q. What is LookHu?

LookHu is the flexible, intuitive way to watch film and television shows on any device. LookHu’s deep content library offers hit films for casual movie fans all the way to challenging, hard to find gems film aficionados demand. Sign up for monthly streaming or On Demand – it's that simple.

Q. How does our interface work?

Here are some instructions of how LookHu interface works and how to search for subscription or premium movies.

Q: How much is the Lookhu Subscription?

Watch thousands of online streaming movies as part of our $7.99 monthly subscription package. Or, go to our channels page and get a subscription to a select group of movies at various price points. Finally, if you see a couple of great titles you like and are not yet a subscriber, you can rent or purchase them at prices as low as .99 per title.

Q: Having technical difficulties?

Please contact our customer service department via this form:

Q: What is the Lookhu Subscription?

The Lookhu subscription channel offers thousands of streaming movies and television shows for the low fee of $7.99 per month. Lookhu subscribers are also able to rent and purchase titles outside of this channel.

Q: What is Premium content?

Premium content is classified as titles available exclusively for On Demand rental or purchase.

Q: How do I cancel my subscription?

Login into your account (“My Account”) and select “Unsubscribe” from the channel you are no longer interested in accessing (“My Subscriptions”). Then select “Confirm” to successfully unsubscribe.

Q: What is Lookhu locker?

Lookhu’s Watching digital locker is a complimentary service that stores all your digital purchases and current rentals. It may be accessed via any device Lookhu currently supports, including televisions, mobile devices (phones and tablets), and streaming set top boxes.

Q: What is a Premium channel?

Premium channels consist of a collection of titles typically grouped by genre, studio, or distributor.

Q: Will my digital purchases ever expire?

Purchases never expire and are accessible via Lookhu’s Watching digital locker.

Q: How long can I watch a rental title?

Titles are accessible for 48 hours after a successful rental transaction has occurred.

Q. Do I need to sign up for a subscription?

A subscription is not necessary to rent or purchase content via Lookhu. However, users must create an account to begin renting and purchasing On Demand titles.