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Synopsis I'm a comedian and cartoonist but I would give it all up if I could get paid to eat ice cream. Welcome to the coolest place on the internet.

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Studio: Studio71

Genres: Comedy, Animated


Episode 1 : Why I Jumped Off The Hollywood Sign - Feat. Los Angeles By Wantaways

Let's do something different - here's a sweet animated music video featuring one of my good buddies from down under.

Episode 2 : My Terrifying Roller Coaster Accident at Six Flags

The key to looking cool in high school is surviving a roller coaster accident at Six Flags.

Episode 3 : What Happened In This Hotel Room. (I'm Sorry)

I've been waiting to tell this story for too long. Here it goes...

Episode 5 : Dum Dum's Guide To Rick and Morty's Szechuan Sauce

The Dum Dum's Guide To Rick and Morty's Szechuan Sauce

Episode 6 : My Third Degree Burn Story

I did my best and took it like a champ...

Episode 8 : My Hot Babysitter Made Me - Part 2

After my hot babysitter got me in trouble, she made me a man.

Episode 9 : My Secret Babysitter Relationship - Part 3

The saga continues with my secret babysitter relationship.

Episode 10 : 4 Lies That Ruined Christmas

I'm not a bad person. I swear I didn't mean to ruin Christmas.

Episode 11 : Dum Dum's Guide To Driving

This Dum Dum's Guide To Driving is for all you speeders and texters and honkers and for myself to stop ...

Episode 12 : My iPhone X Ruined My Life

After my iPhone X ruined my life halfway through Coco, it saved me from Steve Jobs. 100% true story.